09.12.13 Measuring sweetness 12 of 30“Measuring Sweetness”, 20cm x 20cm (8x8inches), Acrylic

$100 + shipping

This week all my boards have been painted with a black background, last week I used a mixture of raw umber and white to create a light medium background to start off with.  I think next week i might use red for the underpainting! 😉  It is very interesting.  You can still see the black peaking through.  Which, I have to say, I find appealing.

I am thinking of doing a  little series of food that I can no longer eat…chocolate makes me sick…which is very, very sad.  So i spent the day staring at a past much loved food, lovingly letting my eyes gaze over the sensual lines of the m&m peanuts…sigh.  Oh I laugh at that!   Actually I just love the bright colours and I really don’t  long to eat chocolate anymore. I have come to terms with that change in my diet and I am quite alright.  It isn’t like chocolate is really an essential food!?!

Doing the silver with the highlights, shadows and reflections was quite interesting. The complexity of the angles had me a bit flummoxed at the beginning but i got it sorted out.

Day 12 is complete and I am going directly back to my studio so that I can get Day 13 started and hopefully catch up by tomorrow night.  🙂

I hope you all have a great night and see you tomorrow with Day 13 painting.  It is going to be radically different from what I have done so far…oh wait they all are radically different! 😉

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