09.11.13 Anticipation 11 of 30“Anticipation”, 20cmx 20cm (8×8 inches), Acrylic


Friends of ours loves to make these wonderful gourmet food baskets for christmas.  In these baskets are these jars of flavoured vinegars.  The bottles are so sweet and I love the coloured waxed lids.  I couldn’t open them up and use them.  So I put them in my studio and today was the day to bring them out and use them in a still life set up.  I am really pleased with how I rendered the jars!  The raspberry wine vinegar turned out PERFECT!

I went to a friends Art Show opening tonight.  If you are in Yellowknife, or are coming to Yellowknife you need to  go to the museum to see Astrid’s amazing ceramic work.  I will go back another day and take photos and share her installation with everyone.

I hope to get back to watercolour painting soon.  I am working out how long it takes to do one of these small paintings…5 or more hours.   So I thinking how I can structure my time so that I can get one done during the day and then the evenings can be for watercolour painting.  This reviewing and experimenting with how to use the time I have each day to the greatest extent seems to be an on going battle.  What works for one period doesn’t work even a month later.  It seems to be the ephemeral nature of being an artist.

Thanks for stopping by.  I can’t wait to figure out  the next painting!  😉  See you tomorrow.