09.08.13 disgruntled labourers 08 of 30 copy

“Disgruntled  Labourers”, 20cm x 20cm, Acrylic


Last night I got my other painting completed early enough that I had time and energy (which was the important element) enough to sort out my studio a bit and to put out these two characters. I bought them ages ago because they are rather cute and appealed to my sense of humour.   I pulled out a box of magnetic poetry and looked through it to find out what two words would describe them. I was surprised that Melancholy and Discontented were the two words that leaped out.  Then I realized that the egg characters are cute but they have a sad look about them…then I got to thinking about what their jobs are.  Well these two characters may not be that happy to be mashing and whisking their real food selves.

We have a company in Hay River that is doing eggs and so to support a “local” business we purchase their Polar Eggs…hence the real egg carton in the painting.

I have had so much fun.  My drawing skills are improving!  I love when I feel that I “stage” up in a skill.  My understanding of how to work with acrylic painting is improving.  I am pretty stoked about how challenging myself in each of these paintings has helped me so much already.  Gee wonder how I will feel after 30 paintings!?!

Well I am really tired again tonight.  I have made a decision to stay focused on the quilt I need to complete by Tuesday night.  So I will be back on Thursday in catch up mode…you might see me twice a day for a few days once I return.  I will have 30 paintings at the end of this.

See you in a few days!  Off to bed I go.  🙂