09.07.13 Curiousity 07 of 30“Curiosity”, 20cmx20cm (8×8), Acrylic


A friend Astrid makes these darling ptarmigan in ceramic.    Ptarmigan are birds that are around Yellowknife during the winter.  They are not particularly smart but they are the cutest darn birds!   One day a few winters ago I stopped at a red light and then 70 or so ptarmigan walked across the street.  They must have thought it was perfect that all the vehicles stopped for them.  They are very good at “hiding” in the snow.  So you will be walking along and all of the sudden the birds are surprised and fly away…which really is surprising for the person walking.

Week one is completed.  I am pretty tired from trying to meet all the deadlines in my life.  Only a few more days and the quilt will be done.

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See you tomorrow evening!