09.06.13 Memories of '49 Fair 6 of 30 copy“Memories of the ’49 Fair”, 20cmx20cm, Acrylic, NFS

In the spring of 2012 we were backing visiting family.  I asked my mother-in-law if she had any tea cups that she might be willing for me to add to my still-life   collection to use in future paintings. She quickly gave me the remaining tea cups that they received over 53 years ago when my in-laws got married.   She was in the mood to give anything away if anyone was at all interested.  I came home with tiny glasses, and other items.

Lastly Vivien lovingly brought out of the china cabinet this little tiny pair of porcelain shoes.   She said that when she was about 12 yrs old she had gone to the Fair where she bought these delicate porcelain shoes. She always treasured them so she had kept them as carefully as she could.  Unfortunately one shoe was quite damaged and she wasn’t sure how it even happened.   It was one of her treasures that she wanted me to take home.  I promised I would use these shoes in a future painting.    Vivien left us in April so sadly she will never see that I did keep my word.

Last night I put the shoes out and spent the day doing other things…like quilting like a crazy woman but all the while my brain was sorting out how to complete the still life set up.  It came to me to put a piece of glass under the shoes to get a reflection and then I put the pansy in so that you could see how tiny these shoes are.  I worked quickly doing the pansy as it was fading rather quickly!  I am pretty pleased that I captured it before it totally flopped.  😉

Day 6 is complete.

See you tomorrow!