09.05.13 Wrap it in a sigh 5 of 30 small“Wrap it in a sigh”, Acrylic, 20cmx20cm

$100 plus shipping

I am really intrigued by cellophane, glass and pretty much anything that is “see through”.  It is a real challenge to capture the reflections and the sense of something that isn’t really solid in appearance.  I think I did pretty good with these lollypops of candies.

I am surprised how comfortable I am getting with painting from life.  I have lots more to learn, but it isn’t as stressful as I thought it was going to be.

I just set up tomorrow nights painting subject…

I have been quilting for 4 hours each morning.  It is coming along.  I have to have it complete for next week!  I came up with a brilliant idea for the binding…I hope I have enough time to incorporate it.

I hope you get your name into the draw for this month!  See you tomorrow.