One of the walking tours I took in Sherbrooke was to see various amazing murals around the city.  Here is the first one I want to share with you.  THere is a group of 30 artists who work on these “trompe l’oeil” murals that cover the whole side of a multi-floor buildings.  This is the Library Mural. 08.26.13 Library Mural Sherbrooke 1

And proof that I was there!

08.26.13 Library Mural Sherbrooke

Each of the book titles are books written by authors from around the Sherbrooke area and there are A LOT of authors! Very cool idea.08.26.13 Library Mural Sherbrooke2

08.26.13 Library Mural Sherbrooke3

I will share more murals in the next few weeks.

The very first day home from our long driving holiday I had the most wonderful call and email from a local woman named Linda C.   She said I could share her email!  Thank you Linda for your generous words and very kind support!
“Hi Shawna … I bought a few of your art cards from Down to Earth Gallery during Ramble and Ride, and I simply had to let you know that I absolutely love them!
First of all, I Iike flowers and secondly, your watercolours are absolutely stunning! They are so lifelike. I particularly love the single strand of bleeding hearts. They are currently adorning my livingroom, as they are far to nice to give away! Keep up the amazing work!!”
I am starting a new monthly blog posting project.  On the first posting day (September 2 ) of each month I am planning to share a northern artist or a northern organization.    I have interviewed an artist from Wha Ti, NT.
Today I signed up for the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge that Leslie Saeta is hosting!  Check out the rest of the folks as there are over 200 artists signed up from around the world.  I am sure that I won’t complete all 30 paintings due to a very busy September, but I want to get a handle on painting from life with acrylic paints.  This challenge seemed like a perfect way to get focused!
Have a wonderful week.  We are just days away from the end of the month. How quickly this month has gone.  Is your name in for the monthly draw?  I hope so!
See you on Thursday!