We have returned from our holidays.  We drove a whopping 13,940km in 4 weeks!  Canada is a very big country. 😉   I explored Sherbrooke Quebec while my DH worked. Sherbrooke did a fabulous job hosting the Canada Summer Games.   It is a beautiful city.  Over the next few posts I will show you more of Sherbrooke.

I spent a few hours sitting in the shade drawing on Wellington Street during the first few days of being there.08.24.13 Wellington Street SherbrookeThe completed drawing.
08.24.13 wellington drawing Yellowknife Watercolour Society

Me and Miss Tiffany were trying to get acclimatized to the humidity in Quebec…so we thought a gelato would be just the right way to do that.  Tart Lemon and raspberry gelato…yummmm!

08.24.13 Miss Tiffany beating the summer heat

Our trip was about babies…we had three join our family in March and April.  So we saw Master Burke, the oldest and our grandson, at the beginning and end of our trip!

08.19.13 Burke Veroba-Legaree

Then we saw Miss Quinn, the middle born, on our way through to Quebec.

08.01.13 Quinn Johnson

And we saw the youngest of the three, Lincoln as we were heading towards home!

08.16.13 Lincoln Gascoigne

Aren’t they all darling!

I found a really interesting article on the CBC website.  Check out the Health story that has connected Art with decreases in Dementia!   Interesting isn’t it.  What do you think of the contention that Art shields the brain from some aspects of Dementia?

I can’t believe that we are nearly at the end of August.  Remember to get your name into the draw for an original 5×7 watercolour painting and for sets of cards.  We only have 5 more draws until this promotion ends!  So follow my blog, sign up for my Art Newsletter or make a comment…all three will get your name in!  😉

See you on Monday!