Well maybe not that much drawing!  😉  But here is a little something that I did from a reference shot.

08.12.13 Bike repair no more

I was at the bike store before it closed and took some shots.  I find drawing difficult angles…well difficult but I like to challenge myself. This was a challenge!  This bike repair place stood on this same spot for as many years as I lived in Yellowknife.  The man who ran it is a long time Yellowknifer.  Wilf was a funny man but age caught up with him and he is no longer well enough to be there, in fact he hasn’t been there for a few years though the business continued on with the young men who he had trained and his rather quiet business partner stepping in. We will miss the excellent service in so many ways and the story he told of a certain doctor in town who forgot his credit card with Wilf and Wilf thought Hawaii would be a great place to go!  😉  Wilf delighted in sharing that story!

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Well I hope you had a great weekend and that the rest of the week is great.  See you on Thursday!