07.23.13 Dragonfly step 1Ok so I have been trying to convince myself to go down into our cool basement to paint…well it isn’t working.  If it was 28 or 32 C out I would be very happy to hide down there but it has been just a lovely 20 or 22 C which is perrrrfect!  So for the next while I will be posting drawings….so I can hang around outside and enjoy our brief summer.  And isn’t the dragonfly the ultimate symbol of summer.

Any suggestions on what I could draw? 😉  Suggestions would be welcomed.

Also great news.  The Yellowknife Watercolour Society got news today that the NWT Arts Council will be giving us a grant to bring up a teacher from the other side of Canada.  So Frans Aeyelts will be winging his way here in November to teach a one day class for students in a community that is one hour away from here, and 3 day workshop for folks in Yellowknife.   He sent a great drawing that I will share once the executive has a chance to confirm it.

Check out Frans’ work. http://www.fransaeyelts.com

WE are just days away from the end of the month.  Have you got your name in for the end of the month draw?

See you on Monday. Have a great weekend!!!!  May the sun be shining where you are.