This weekend my friend Janice came over to help me. I am learning how to set up still life props to photograph so that I can work from the images.  Janice has a great eye.  So she came over and we worked quickly before the cloud bank came to block the sun.

07.22.13 Janice teaching


I took photos while Janice changed the still life items.  The shadows were long as it was late in the evening.  We kept moving the table towards the back corner of our yard to keep up with the changing light.

07.22.13 still life monsterIt was so informative to watch and listen to how Janice works.  I have now become a still life monster!  I spent 6 hours doing still life set ups since our session on Saturday.  I spent 4 of those hours today out in the sunshine…  I don’t normally spend that many hours in the sun but I am rather “focused” or maybe a better descriptor is “obsessive” and I lost all track of time.  I have drank 4 glasses of water and have been hiding out in the house doing the first pass through all the photos.  I got some great images to work from!!!! 🙂

What do you do that makes you lose track of time?

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I am so excited with the images I got!  See you on Thursday.  Have a great few days!!!!