For 15 years there was a group called “Falling to Pieces” that met each week until nearly 6 years ago. The members changed with the ebb and flow of time.  This week two members, Linda who joined us the second winter, and Barb who joined us the 3 or 4th winter came back to Yellowknife. It was great to get everyone together and to catch up!

07.18.13 Linda Tremblay visit copy

Linda is was delightful to see you again after all these years!



And Barb it was so great to spend time with you!

Can’t wait for our next visit with both Barb and Linda.

I have been working hard on a quilt.  Thanks to the people who emailed me that they would like to receive an update as I have been going along. It really has helped to keep me focused.

Remember that making comments gets your name in the hat for an original 5×7 watercolour painting.  Also if you sign up to follow my blog or to receive my Art Newsletter then your name is put in each month.  Is this the month that you will receive an email saying you won a painting?  I hope so!

Have a wonderful weekend. We have sunshine and more sunshine in the forecast.  Hope it continues to be warm!