This past Saturday YWS got together to do a 2 hour drawing session.  One of our member’s husband is into bonsai trees.  They have a lot of them!  So we had a lot of fun.

07.15.13 ShawnaHere I am drawing outside!

07.15.13 Drawing BonsaisThis is what I completed in two hours…

07.15.13 The resultsand the results from everyone.

I want to share my quilt…but I can’t do it publicly.  So here is what you can do if you would like to receive an email with a daily email for a short while with photos of what I got done in that day!  I  need to be accountable to get this quilt done on time…or as close to on time as possible.  So email me at dancingravenstudio@gmail.com with “Art of Giving Quilt” in the header.  I will send you photos until the quilt is complete.  If you are from Yellowknife you are going to be sworn to secrecy.  😉

Today I mailed out the original 5×7 painting that Darlene won!  Can’t wait to hear what she  thinks of it!  Darlene and I both lived in Frobisher Bay in the mid-1980’s.

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Our weekend was cold and crappy…I do hope yours was better! See you on Thursday.