So this morning we practiced doing a painting with blue, orange and white.  It was a great lesson.   I find it so interesting the range of colours you can produce with so few paint tubes.

07.08.13 Don with Blue and Orange

The lessons we are working from are very well taught and filmed.  Today was blue, orange and white, tomorrow is purple, yellow and white…see a trend.  Complimentary colour mixing in a practical way.

We are having so much fun!  😉

I did get some watercolour painting done…and I spent time getting myself organized.   This is always good.

07.07.13 Be Still My Heart

I started back to working on my quilt.  Tomorrow is going to be sunny and hot and then they are predicting rain for the days after that.  Tomorrow is an outside day and I won’t be quilting at all!  Though we will paint in the morning.

So remember if you want a chance to win a 5×7 painting, comment on my blog, follow my blog and sign up to receive my bi-monthly newsletter (which I have actually planned out for the next few months!).  Each will get your name in the draw for the painting but also for 2 sets of cards.  Three chances to win!  Today I mailed out the cards from the June winners. Watch for your packages.

See you on Thursday.  I hope you have a brilliant week!!!