My Father-in-law is visiting!  He and I drove back from Edmonton over the last two days.  He found the changes in landscape and sizes of trees quite interesting.  We have driven that road so many times over the last 24 years that to see the drive with new eyes was fun.  We stopped and photographed all kinds of things along the way.  It was fun to have another artist in the car with me.  Though we did take longer to get to Hay River where we spent some time with my youngest son!

07.04.13 Don at the border

Don started painting when he was in his  sixties and now in his late seventies he is really blossoming.I  found a great acrylic colour mixing course that I ordered on-line with Will Kemp and I saved it until Don would be here.  So we started tonight.  We have a week and a lot of colour mixing to do!

07.04.13 Don and colourHere is Don figuring out if the colour is cool or warm!

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a fabulous weekend! See you on Monday.