Happy Second Anniversary to my Blog….Happy Second Anniversary to my Blog

Happy Canada Day too!

I just checked out where I was a year ago.

07.12.12 001 StrawberryThis was the first painting I did in July 2012.

So a year ago today I was just days away from completing a casual job with the government.   I was very excited about getting focused in painting with watercolour.  It has been quite a year.  I have learned so much about painting with watercolour and there is so much to learn in the beginning  stages of building my business.  Last year when I first began to paint I could last only an hour before i had to take a break.  My brain exhausted quickly.  I forgot how much work it is to be learning a new skill. But time has made me more competent and far more comfortable with this challenging medium.  I am not at the level of competency with watercolour as I am with quilting but another year and I most likely will be pretty close to the same level.

This is where I am now!

1057 Monet Monet SOLD

There has been a bit of development that happened! 🙂 I can’t wait to see where I am in a year from now.

I learned to stay intensely focused.  I have become quite scheduled in how I manage me and the hours I have each day. My days are filled with art production, blog posts, Facebook, newsletters and all the other items that a business person needs to do. I am loving most elements, even the bookkeeping isn’t too bad! 😉

 Fleeting Moments Art Show and Sale  was the perfect ending this exciting first year.  What an adventure this year has been!!!

But to be completely truthful with all the fabulous things that happened in the last year the biggest highlight of the whole year was the most perfect addition in our life, Burke Alexander!  He is just darling.  Thank you Stephen and Cindy!  Love you all…and  Pickles too.

Burke 3 months

Burke Alexander at 3 months.

So what are the plans for the next 12 months. I will finish off 2013 with the monthly draws for original paintings and will then change it up starting in January.  I am just working that out now so more about that later.  I will be hosting, what I hope will become, an Annual Art Show in November in my home.     Kevin and I will be doing our second joint show in September 2014.  Beyond that I haven’t really began to plan much more.

So lets get to the Winners of the June Draw!  Congratulations to Darlene P.  who signed up for my Art Newsletter for winning the 5×7 painting this month. Also congratulations to blog commenter Linda and Laura C who receives my Art Newsletter each won a set of cards!

We have embarked on a new month!  I can’t believe how quickly 2013 has been passing.  Month seven of the 5×7 Original Watercolour Painting draw has begun!  Comment on my blog posts, Follow my blog and Sign-up to receive my bi-monthly Art Newsletter and your name will be entered into the draw for July.

See you on Thursday!  Summer is so lovely…go out and enjoy!  😉