06.27.13 The Art of WatercolourI don’t keep track of when this magazine comes in the mail…but oh there is always an artist I haven’t heard of who’s work makes my heart beat faster!  The visual feast is worth every cent but the inspiration is priceless.

So who was it this time?

Stanislaw Zoladz that is who. I adore his water and rocks.  So reminiscent of where I grew up except he is in Sweden…which does look a lot like Northwestern Ontario.

Here is some of Mr Zoladz’s work…

06.24.13 Stanislaw Zoladz 1014xxx

06.24.13 Stanislaw Zoladz 1052 Kallskar

06.24.13 Stanislaw Zoladz 1094 morgon IjusIsn’t his work amazing.  So inspirational.

On Monday I posted a photo of the temperature downtown.

06.24.13 40 degrees celcius in YK

This was the same day…just a little while later!  Thanks to facebook for the photo.

We are days away from the end of the month!  I will do the draw  and post on Monday!  I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.  Remember you still have time to get your name in for the draw.  Each comment gets your name in, sign up to follow either the blog and my Art Newsletter and your name will be in each month!

See you on Monday!  Stay cool out there…or warm if you are in the southern hemisphere.  😉