Yesterday I took some quilts up to the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre for a Health and Social Services Conference on cancer.  So while they were eating supper I took a few moments to check out our exhibits.

06.20.13 Checking out the caribou

So me and the caribou were checking each other out06.20.13 checking out the moose

Then the moose is really focused in on me…good thing he is stuffed!  😉

06.20.13 Art quilts at conference

Here is my little display.  I guess that museum patrons were very interested in the display too.

06.20.13 checking out my quilts

We were hanging it earlier and we wondered if the quilts were level…I remembered I have an app for that!

06.20.13 useful apps

And amazingly Leslie and I had it perfectly level…not like the above image.

Tonight I have France coming over to take photos of a quilt that hasn’t had much work done on it.  I have been distracted with doing photo shoots of these:

06.20.13 blossoms

and these.  06.20.13 wild roses

All  the pink flowers are in bloom right now!

I can’t believe that it is the 20th already.  After France comes I can get back to painting.  I have to get a 5×7 or two done for the draw at the end of the month!

Have a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy the Summer Solstice if you are in the northern hemisphere…and the Winter Solstice if you are upside down and in the southern hemisphere!  😉

See you on Monday…with a painting I do hope!!!!