I have sorted and sorted and sorted…now to get dyeing fabric for a quilt that I am making for France Benoit’s “Art of Giving” Show in October.  France is in the process of  doing a series of short films for her show.  She has completed two so far.  The first one was on the Feet Washing program for the homeless.  The second one is called “Farewell Touch” which is a 7 minute film about after life care with our funeral home director Janice McKenna.  It is a very gentle and wonderful film.  You can see it on the National Film Board of Canada’s website, click here!   Anyway she asked a variety of local artists to create worked for October 11th premier of 12 short films about The Art of Giving.

06.13.13 2 U the Sun VideoClick on the image above to be taken to the video!
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