So I need to ask, do you spend time figuring out how your going to use your time when preparing for a very busy day?  As I was planning Friday out in my head, trying to figure out when to do things so that I leave all of us enough time to get ready.  It is quite an interesting visualization process.  So as a result of the mental planning I realized that we don’t have time on Friday for one really important and big job.  I called and I am glad to report that we can have access to the space and so we are doing it tonight!  Three ironing musketeers, Cathie, Kevin and I, will be on the job! There are not enough plug-ins to invite more folks….too bad!  06.06.13 Cards are ready

Little piles are congregating by the door!

06.06.13 getting ready to go

Getting ready to iron the night away!

06.06.13 pipes are being layedIn the next hour we will have our sewer hooked up and they will get the water pipes and circulating pumpy thing that they are going to put in to keep the pipes from freezing.  See in Yellowknife the city has to heat the water in the winter to keep it from freezing up as much as possible.  The circulating pump thing will keep the water moving at all times before it hits our metre.

Well off I go to get all the things done and put together for tonight and tomorrow.

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See you tomorrow evening (Saturday morning for those in Europe and Australia)!