I have 6 painting days left….

and guess what!

05.27.13 disruption


Of course my husband is on the other side of Canada this week!

05.27.13 Lawn OrnamentOur over night lawn ornament!

05.27.13 fireweedI finished a painting yesterday this turned out brilliantly…but I am not showing it here until the Opening!  Here is a 5×7 of a fireweed that I am working on.  I thought I might be able to do another painting or two but with all the disruptions I will be glad to get this one done! 


Anyway I am off to my studio for a bit and then I will do the packing up that needs to happen so that they can put in the new water and sewer line.

It 5 days until the end of the month!!!!  Get your name to win an original 5×7 watercolour painting.  Comments, following my blog and signing up for my Art newsletter are all the ways to get your name into the draw.  

See you on Thursday with an update!  And hopefully a completed painting too! Thanks for dropping by.