Oh summer weather where have you gone…please come back.  But until then I am painting away. I didn’t get a painting completed in time to share here.  Yes I am not so good at this keeping my work secret until my show.  I think I might have to work on that!  😉

05.20.13 Tim & MaryTim and Mary won the original 5×7 painting for the month of March!  Thanks for the fabulous photo!!!!

You should check out Tim’s Blog.  He also does watercolour painting and he just illustrated a book.  So cool.  I can’t wait for my copy!

I have 13 painting days left!  The show is in 18 days!

So how many days do you have left to get your name in for the May Draw.  11 days!   You can get your name in to win by commenting on my blog, or signing up to follow my blog, or signing up to receive my Art newsletter.

See you on Thursday!  Until then I hope you have a lovely week.