This last 5 weeks I have been taking a class with Tracey Breitbach who uses moulding pastes and layers with transparent paint to create her paintings.  She doesn’t mix her colours rather she layers one colour on top of another until the hue and value is where she wants it to be.  It is a labour intensive process but it has some interesting effects that I am sure I will play with in time.  The photos are not the best but here is a sample of what came out of the class. Thanks Tracey!

03.14.13 Results

I wish i had brought my real camera…these photos do not do justice to the work and to the textures in each of the paintings.03.14.13 tracey-brietbach class Nicole

Nicole stepped back from her painting and then noticed something that needed some tweaking!  03.14.13 tracey-brietbach Nicole's painting

This is what Nicole’s painting worked out like with the moulding paste.  Everyone did a summer scene!  We were thinking that we are starting to be excited that winter may be coming to an end…in a few more weeks.

03.14.13 tracey-brietbach Samantha's painting

Samantha’s painting

03.14.13 tracey-brietbach Sera's bluejaySera’s bluejay.

Everyone worked quite large. I was impressed that they got the paintings completed.  I worked as small as I could!  Though I am the only one who paints full-time (other than Tracey) in the class.  So I have enough work happening in my studio that working small works best for me!

03.14.13 Tracey Brietbach class Shawna

Shawna’s fireweed, 6×6 inch

See you on Monday!  Remember each time you comment your name gets put in the draw for an original 5×7 watercolour painting. If you have signed up for my newsletter (which will be coming out very soon) and sign up to follow my blog your name will be put in each month!   Hope everyone is having a much warmer time than we are…-35 at 9 this morning!  Ah March in Yellowknife.