03-120 03.05.13

8×8, 03/120, Acrylic

I have been looking at this for a week afraid to even start.  How could I render the complexity of the flowers.  In watercolour I do every detail cause I love to!  But I am finding with acrylic that I am not able to render everything which is a very very good thing.  I am pretty pleased with how I even seem to capture the glass vase.  A couple of the flowers I got bang on.  So not bad for my third painting from life.  Onwards.

I have to say that working only in grey tones helped me to stay focused on the shapes.  I got in my flat boards for painting on.  this will be good because these deeper ones take up so much space to store.  I don’t have copious amounts of storage space.

See you on Thursday.  Thanks for stopping by!