I have to say that I have thrown out paintings because the background went wonky…but I have since learned a few things.

03.03.13 Fixing background 1Take a look at the background of this painting. See how it is streaky and not smooth…

Two  things conspired against me, one in my control and one not.  So it is winter here which means the furnace is running regularly, not really something I can control unless I want to be very cold.   Second I didn’t make a big enough mixture of paint which meant that I  had to mix more…not good on watercolour that dries faster than I wanted. 😉  I am painting when I realize that the paper is drying and i am still adding paint!  Not a good idea.

At this point I would have tossed it but I have ordered new larger hake brushes so I thought I would follow Jacqueline Gnott’s instruction.  She has a great range of painting dvds that are great.

First I took the painting upstairs to completely dry as it is warmer upstairs than downstairs.

03.03.13 Fixing background 2

Then I loaded water on to my new larger hake brush and I started to move it across the paper in all kinds of directions…

03.03.13 Fixing background3And it smoothed out the background perfectly. Yahoo it worked!!!!   I was able to add a bit more paint and then I dried it very very well.

So cool.  Now I wish I had the other paintings back so I could fix them!  lol

Thanks for stopping by and see you on Thursday!

We are now into a new month for drawing another 5×7!  Maybe someone will win this one!?!