I went to a local store and picked up a range of paint chips.  You know the ones with six values of the same colour.  I cut them apart and placed them in a bag.  I randomly chose a paint chip and then I tried to figure out what goes into creating the actual colour.   I did it in both watercolour and acrylic.  I plan to do this daily just to get really comfortable with the paints that I am using.

02.11.13 Colour matching

The nice part about doing colour swatches is if I run into a colour I am not sure what is in it I can go back to all my references and hopefully there will be the answer.

We are 17 days away from the end of the month…ahhh but who is counting…obviously I am!  I will be giving away an original 5×7 watercolour painting and two sets of cards!   Do you have your name in yet?

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon.