02.07.13 Sunflower

11″x14″, Watercolour

So here is where I am at with the sunflower.  I am finding when I work on a painting that I am actually physically too close to it to see how the painting is coming along.  So as I work I have to stop and take photos with my camera a fair amount to see the painting in a smaller format (farther away).  Now I have a new app that allows me to work not only with the full colour image but with black and white so I can focus on the actual values.  This painting has a lot of yellow and I was finding it rather challenging to figure out what the value that I was seeing.  Yellow is so light and yet you see that there is red, burnt sienna, burnt umber as well as several different yellows in each petal.   I am learning to see what colours are really there not what I think is there.


02.07.13 The girlsTwo more sleeps until my little roommates get to see their parents!  They are excited.  But we have a lot of playing to do before that happens!   They are so darn cute!

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