02.07.13 cherry acrylic

Cherry, 8″x8″, Acrylic

I am always looking for new learning opportunities.  I found Will Kemp from the UK that offers a range of videos and classes in acrylic painting.  This afternoon I played his videos as I painted from his mini-course.  I learned that to create a lighter “red” needs to be two reds together, permanent alizarin & cadmium red light.  Wow it worked much better than adding white…

08.23.12 Joined

“Joined”, 8″x 8″, Acrylic

Here was my second attempt at cherries. I really struggled with the reflected light on the bottom of the cherries.  So today I have more of a sense of what colours I am actually looking at.   It is fun to be challenged and to find the help one needs.

20 days left until the next draw for an Original 5×7 watercolour painting.  Are you getting your name into the draw?  🙂

Thanks for stopping in to see what I have been up to.  See you next time!