There use to be a life drawing group in town for quite a number of years but I always struggled with getting to the class very often.  I found a great on-line website that allows me to take a 1/2 hour and draw the human form.  My little room mates go to bed and my painting studio is downstairs where I have to close the door and put a heater on intermittently to keep the room comfortable.  So Friday night I remembered the site.  I spent a 1/2 hour sketching and best of all I was where I could hear the girls (just in case).

02.04.13 2 30 seconds30 seconds

Thirty seconds drawings require a great deal of practice.  I find I don’t have time to look at the paper much.  These are all incomplete because I haven’t practiced much.

02.04.13 1 1 minute1 minute

One minute gives enough time to get the body done and to glance at the page a couple of times.

02.04.13 3 5m 45s5m 45sec

Now the time is far more reasonable.  There is enough time to slowly create the lines, the connections, the angles.

02.04.13 4 10 min10 minutes

When I would make it to the local figure drawing group I would use a pencil…nervous to “make a mistake”.  Now I use ink knowing that I don’t plan to show these and it is alright just do make the lines permanent.

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