Tomorrow morning will be filled with gathering all the info so I can do the draw.  I am so excited.

So stay tuned!

Until then…We have been very cold with a great deal of wind.  So it was great to have a day show up without any wind at all.   The morning was filled with ice fog and by 11 am I just had to go for a nice long walk.  Check out Frosty!  I was so hot I had to take off my hat and my mittens even though it was -38C out.

01.31.13 Frosty in YK

The Yellowknifer did a great article about my dear friend Barb.  It is wonderful. She was an amazing woman and  I miss her so much.


My  little room mates will have me up soon so I best try and get some sleep. See you tomorrow morning…though it is already tomorrow when I am posting.

Can’t wait to see who has won the painting.  Then we get to start all over again for the February draw!