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We have lovely little house guests!  Which means my work time is filled with hugs and kisses ,feeding and cleaning, reading and snuggling!

01.28.13 The girlsI raised three boys so having to take the girls to Ballet was a bit of a revelation. 😉

01.28.13 Tiara Girls movie night

We even put our tiaras one to see the world premier (for Natalie and Madeline) of the movie Enchantment!

01.28.13 Sunflower 1

I started this larger painting 11×14 inches. I haven’t been working very large at all.  If you have been following my blog for a while you know that 5×7 has been the size of most of my paintings.  It takes me so long to do a painting that I have wondered if I actually could complete the work if I did one too large…01.28.13 Sunflower 2

…but I seem to be gaining some painting patience.  01.28.13 Sunflower 3Today was a great day in my studio.  After having a busy weekend I was happy to be working on Stephen’s sunflower.  My middle son has discovered gardening.  He loves, loves, loves it.  A couple of years ago he grew these amazingly tall sunflowers.  When we were visiting I woke up early to catch the sun shining on the sunflower.  I believe that this painting will be called “Greeting a new day”.  Sunflowers are very happy flowers…but actually most flowers are happy makers. 🙂

This week has been about going and coming. My dear, dear friend Barb died last Sunday.  I miss her deeply.  But as the circle of life happens we had a new life join our circle on Friday as another dear friend’s daughter had her baby. We are very pleased to welcome Prudence Athena into our lives.  So this week has been filled with the depth of pain and sadness  and then to the heights of joy and celebration.  Exhausting in many ways.

See you on Thursday.  I hope to have really gotten a lot done on this painting.