The last time I posted I posted summer photos of Yellowknife.  Now heres a peek at the winter version of Yellowknife.

 On Saturday morning it was so beautiful out, even though it was below -40C/F, that I just had to go out and get a few photos.  Here is Yellowknife when we are in deep freeze mode!

01.14.13 Scenes of YK Winter

Some folks will have heard about Ice Road Truckers well here is my version of them…regular trucks going across 6 to 8 ft of ice over to Dettah (another close by NWT community).01.14.13 Scenes of YK Winter1

The house boats…just a few01.14.13 Scenes of YK Winter2

In the summer the planes are on pontoons, but in the winter they use skis!01.14.13 Scenes of YK Winter3

This past summer the Wild Cat Cafe was completely taken apart log by log and restored back to its normal state. They added a patio so people can sit outside when it runs in the summer.  Can’t wait to go there next summer.01.14.13 Scenes of YK Winter4

Yellowknife has just over 20,000 people but our sky line is filled with high rises. Not as magnificent as Manhattan but when you drive for hours around the lake to get here it is pretty amazing to see after 500 km of smaller and smaller trees!  01.14.13 Scenes of YK Winter5

I just love the long shadows caused by our very low to the horizon sun.  01.14.13 Scenes of YK Winter6

For you Mom.  Here is the walking/biking path we have around the lake that is in the middle of Yellowknife. It is a very pretty walk no matter what season.01.14.13 Scenes of YK Winter7

The golden sun turns the hoar frost to a very beautiful gold.01.14.13 Scenes of YK Winter8

Giant Mine head frame will be dismantled in the next few years.  Our government is having to build a bypass road around this mine because they need to figure out how to deal with the huge arsenic problem left in the mine after it shut down.  Arsenic is a byproduct of gold smelting.

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you on Thursday.  Have a great week!