I thought I would take you to some sites around Yellowknife. Well the summer time Yellowknife!

01.10.13 Scenes around Yellowknife

Yellowknife has a number of gold mines in and around it.  All are closed now.  The above one is called Giant Mine and the one below is Ptarmigan Mine.  01.10.13 scenes of yk1

01.10.13 scenes of yk2

Yellowknife has a lot of water around it. We are on Great Slave lake and then we have all kinds of small lakes around us.

 01.10.13 scenes of yk3

One of the great places to eat in Yellowknife.  Bullocks Bistro has fabulous fresh fish that are harvested from Great Slave lake.

01.10.13 scenes of yk4

Some people who live on Back Bay have boats and planes on their docks.  The only other place that I saw this combo was in Alaska!01.10.13 scenes of yk5

We have some funky houseboats that people live on year round.

01.10.13 scenes of yk6

With having a huge lake next to us we have loads of sail boats.

01.10.13 scenes of yk8

Then we have some very ordinary places in and around Yellowknife.

01.10.13 scenes of yk7

Then when it starts to get dark we have wonderful displays of northern lights