Older brothers Travis and Cedric would like to announce the arrival of their newest Traveling Monkey sibling…


12.20.12 1 Intro Tiffany

Our daughter-in-law has been knitting these monkeys.  Travis travels all over Alberta (and to Ontario) with our middle son.   Cedric has traveled the world with our oldest and will be moving to Australia in a week.  Now Miss Tiffany has become my travel companion.

So on we go to show you a bit of Miss Tiffany’s explorations of the world…

12.20.12 2 first adventure

Miss Tiffany’s first exploration was to a BABY store!  Our Cindy is looking quite lovely! 😉

12.20.12 3 off to NY cityNow Miss Tiffany is waiting for our flight to take us to New York!  Off to celebrate my special numbered birthday. 😉

12.20.12 2 Ready for NY

How Miss Tiffany will travel for the next 10 days…

12.20.12 4 in NYWe have arrived and are checking out the action.

12.20.12 5 NYThe first of many shows that we would go to!  Have to say Spider Man is a must see in New York.

12.20.12 5 spider man

Who should I meet in Time Square…none other than Spider-Man himself!

12.20.12 9 Tiffany and CoWe had to check out her namesake company.  As  you can see Miss Tiffany has lost one of her earrings but alas her budget was tight and she could not replace it…

12.20.12 4 MatisseNow she shall begin her Art training!

12.20.12 9 Jackson Polluck

She studies Jackson Polluck amazed at what only seems like tossed paint but has depth and was after all quite interesting.

12.20.12 9 FAO Swartz She was in need of some sustenance after all the art viewing so we went to FAO Swartz.

12.20.12 8 queen hatshepsutWe took time to honour Queen Hatshepsut.  Wouldn’t she be surprised and pleased to still be known all these millennia later.

12.20.12 6 NY Rock

Miss Tiffany is an 80’s Rock Girl.  She certainly enjoyed the blast from the past called Rock of Ages.

12.20.12 7 Oh So TiredAfter all the galavanting Miss Tiffany requested to be put into bed and not attend the last of the many shows we went to.  She was feeling much better after a long nights sleep.

We are now home.  New York was magnificent.  More posts to come as I digest it all.

Thanks for dropping by and see you on Monday.