Finally the unveiling of this years Christmas card!  This is my third year to paint an original painting for our yearly cards.  I had so much fun painting this years Gingerbread Baker Man!

12.17.12 Step 1

Step 1 Putting on the first layer of colour makes me feel a bit like I need to be timid in laying the colour down.

12.17.12 Step 2

Step 2 Layering the browns and starting to create the shadow areas…12.17.12 Step 3

Step 3 Shadows are looking perfect.  Even the little one by the eyes.12.17.12 Step 4

Now to add the detail on the fabric.  It is a bit like corduroy.

12.17.12 step 6

Got all the detail on the fabric completed and even added the ‘blush’ on the cheeks!  😉
12.17.12 Step 7

I got so into painting that I forgot to take more step by step images…but that is alright.  Now the gingerbread man is nearly done, still have the rickrack to complete and the hat!

12.17.12 Step 9

Got the hat completed, the draped fabric, and some of the baking implements done.  Still some more work left. 12.17.12-Gingerbread Baker Man

Ta Da!  Here he is.  Now what do you think that the Gingerbread Baker Man is going to do?  There is a twist that I put in the painting.  Be the first to name it and win a set of three Gingerbread Baker Man cards!  And to those who I have told already please don’t comment!

I know that it isn’t Monday but our computer had a recalled hard-drive that we had to refill with all our stuff!

Can’t wait to see who figures out the sneaky twist on the painting.

On January 1st I will have a contest happening where I will give away an original 5×7 painting each month.  Come and see what that is about on the first of 2013.

See you soon!