Each holiday season I send out a fair amount of cards. This was the weekend to work on them.  We live in Yellowknife and one of the things that happens here with regularity is that people come and people go!  So my list is ever evolving.  I only send cards to people who also send cards so after a couple of years names are dropped but by then there are other names to add on.  I have been exchanging letters and cards with people for over 30 years.  I send cards all over the world and mentioned to Betty and Jack from Australia that their son moved to Canada and now our son is moving to Australia!  It is a country exchange program!  So for all the folks on my mailing list, the cards are in the mail.  Enjoy and I can’t wait to hear what is happening in your life.

See you on Thursday!  Plan to get back into my studio now that I have cleared away some of the ignored items of my life.