I am starting to figure out that once I have spent a great deal of time painting in preparation for a sale/show that I might just need to plan to get nothing art related accomplished until I catch up on the household stuff.  I forget in my intense focus that all these things may be pushed aside for a while but not forever!   I started this at the sale on Saturday but it turns out to be very difficult to do a painting demo at this type of event.  I will try another time when I have organized someone else to help out!  It might be worth a try! 😉

This is what I got accomplished on the painting yesterday.  Today was another day filled but not with art.  I wish I had my phone with me this morning because I would have a photo of the lovely flat tire I had this morning.  I had to wait for AMA to come to change the tire. I was at the laundromat washing up our “winter” blanket since it is -30 something with the windchill these days and our thinner blanket was just not cutting it!  Thankfully 5 minutes before the duvet was dry they arrived to do their quick change artistry with my tire.  I love this service!!!!

See you on Monday! Then we will see if I actually get to spend some time painting…i do hope so.