Last week I spent part of the afternoon outside working on the hanging apperatus for two of my journal quilts that I made in July. The weather in Yellowknife has been amazing this past week.  I hope it holds for a while longer.

The Studio Tour went rather well yesterday.  I had more than twice as many folks come than I had anticipated.  So today I thought I would  take a photo of each space in its entirety which called for the fisheye lens!  And my walls are not Dr. Suess-like. 🙂  Though that would be fun!


I hope to be back to quilting this week.

Studio C is downstairs.  I took this photo when it was dark.    My paint brushes are calling to me.  So in the morning I will get back to it!  😉

My “Happy Birthday!” cards and some paintings at now available through me or at Down to Earth Gallery here in Yellowknife

See you on Thursday.