The other night I was checking out a blog that I hadn’t been to in a long while.  So off I go to check out Danny Gregory and  who is he talking about on his blog, well he is talking about getting to meet and sketch with Liz Steel.  So I went over to her blog to see what she has been up to.    So she talks about Danny Gregory and then the next post is about this woman named France…so I pop over to France’s blog.  (How I dream of drawing the way these people do!)  So I go to France’s blog and I find her talking about sketching on her iPad.

My ears and eyes perked up!

So I do what any person would do.  I googled “Paper app”!  Which lead me to the Verge! and this interview

So what did I do after watching the interview?  I went directly to my iPad and ordered the free starting version.  After playing for  just a few minutes I paid the 6.99 and downloaded the works!  I have to find a stylus so that I don’t have to draw with my fat fingers!  This is one of the drawings I have done since getting the Paper app by 53!

According to an April 12th CNET article in the first two weeks after the Paper app was released 1.5 million people downloaded the app!  Now I am curious as to how many more have downloaded it by now?


I drew this with my fingers – “Humpty Dumpty at the top of the ledge and Robot trying desperately to stop Humpty from falling!  Robot knows something that Humpty isn’t aware of…

Robot knows that he won’t be able to fix Humpty!”

See you on Thursday.