The other day I posted an image that I took at midnight which showed a “road  closed” sign.  That sign is right at the very end of our driveway.  So you can imagine how I felt when another front loader showed up this afternoon.  The noise that one makes is amazing.  Yellowknife is made up of ROCKS…so imagine the sound that a front loader makes when it keeps scratching at the rocks. Just about as bad as nails on a chalk board.   The last few days I have been driven to put in earplugs in by mid-afternoon and have a snooze to recover from the incessant noise.  I have a headache come on as the day goes along.  So I have a plan for tomorrow I plan to wear my earplugs from the beginning of the day and then maybe I will be able to work on this 6×6 inch painting!

On Saturday we went to watch some of the air show that was happening in Yellowknife. I got a great photo of what turned out to be three parachuters coming down like they were one!  Very cool.

See you on Monday!