Happy Anniversary to my blog…Happy anniversary to my blog!

Sorry for missing Thursdays posting but a certain person in our household, who shall remain nameless, used up every single bit of our monthly bandwidth allotment.  That certain person is use to unlimited bandwidth…which we do not have!

It has been one year since I started blogging.  When I started this blog a year ago I did not know that I would end up working for most of the year.  Working certainly changed my productivity level.  To be very truthful my productivity plummeted to nearly non-existent levels.

But now that I am nearly on the other end (5 working days left) I have saved enough money to remain focused in my studio for a while.  This period of time will be spent creating art and learning how to market my art.  Both will require dedication!

In the last year my most visited blog post was not about my art but about a certain young couple who spent a bit of time in Yellowknife during their first “married” tour.

I have been sorting my studio spaces in preparation for being back into my studio full-time.  I have been gathering a range of images to work from.

One like this: 

Or this:

I have been ordering supplies so that I don’t run out of anything once I get going.

So all I can say is Stay Tuned for the coming changes!   I have some really fun ideas that I am really looking forward to trying out.

See you on Thursday!