So it turns out having a holiday (Aboriginal Day on June 21) on a Thursday makes one forget what the actual day is and going back to work after one day off is really exhausting!  Weird.

I took my camera with me today to work…

so as I was walking this morning the light was magnificent…the wild roses are nearly done their glorious blooming! So sad. I  wish they lasted for months instead of weeks.

Then during the lunch hour I went around and took photos of flowers. The light at noon is so darn strong but the butterfly was completely wonderful to photograph.

Now here is the adventure of my day.  I am taking photos of the butterfly getting nectar from the lilacs when a fellow sits down on the next bench and asks if I am a photographer.  I look up and smile and say no but I do watercolour painting. He continues to talk to me while I am snapping away.  As I go to leave he says “Since your a photographer will you take my photo?”…ahhh sure?!?!

So here is the photo I took of him.  He asked for 3 copies which I went directly over to Shoppers to get and he told me where to drop them off.  I will let you know if indeed he is where he said he will be at.

See you on Monday!