Have you ever had the experience of creating a piece of work and not being pleased with it?  I have, sadly more often than not.  I pulled out my little drawing book last night to do a sketch of a mini sunflower I bought in full bloom from the greenhouse yesterday.  I had done some bunnies near easter time but didn’t like the completed drawing.   Well I took a look at it again last night and well it is much better than I remembered.

So the moral of this tale is put it away until you forget all the places you didn’t get it “perfect”!

Summer arrived in typical YK fashion.  It is glorious out there the last few days.  It was great to go and see the greenhouses filled with flowers and other summeryness!

Sadly work calls me to be inside.  Summer is so short here in Yellowknife that it seems a shame that we can’t all be let outside to play!

See you on Thursday.