Many years ago I found a blog of a painter who was doing a painting a day.  They were small.  They were still-lifes. And it was very exciting.  Duane Keiser was painting and able to be self supportive through his daily small works.

Pile of Raspberries Dec 2004

Teabag May 2012

 From Duane’s start then came others who were completely inspired by his disciplined way of approaching his art making.

Then we have sites like these come along:

Daily Painters (First and Original Site)

Daily Painters Originals

These sites allow artists to have a platform to help with sales.  Small paintings that are approachable financially for many people.  I am inspired!

One more thing!  This weekend is the Canadian Quilters Association national juried show in Halifax.  So if you are in Halifax I have three pieces in this show!!!!

See you on Monday.