I had some time this weekend to do the strawberry from Jackie Gnott’s video “My Favourite Things“.  I noticed that most of the paints she uses to create her luscious strawberries are opaque.  This is the first time I really paid attention to that bit of information.   So I thought…wonder what it would look like in only transparent paints…

So here it is.

I was telling my husband that I was impatient when working on this strawberry.  I didn’t take the time to slowly layer until I got what I was looking for.  I wanted it done in two glazes…hmmm  I will try it again because I am not happy with it at all.  I still think I can do it with this technique but I have to be more timid and a lot more patient.

My husband noted that I am extremely patient when I make my quilts.  That is now.   I do remember that at the start I wasn’t patient at all. I wanted to see results quickly and move on.  I find I am walking the same path with watercolour painting.  I hope that I become more patient as I become more proficient with watercolour painting…at least I hope so!

See you on Thursday.