My oldest son Alexander is doing a range of items to help build awareness and to begin to raise funds for building a new transition home for women that will be called BETTY House.

Yellowknife has a place for women and their children to go to when they are in deep crisis due to domestic violence called Alison McAteer House which covers the first weeks.  Then the YWCA has temporary housing for a year for those women and children.

But BETTY House will be more like has been  BAILEY House for homeless men.    My understanding of BETTY house is that this is for  women who have been homeless, struggling in various ways that don’t fit under the mandate of the other two facilities.  Fundraising is just beginning, though there have already been generous donations from corporations.

Go and check out website www.iambetty.ca

 The first song video has been released and can be purchased at ITunes (and there is a preview of the second song).   All the funds go directly to the building of BETTY House.

If you want to support this important project click here!

Sorry I missed Thursday…the weather is getting me down…this too shall pass!  But before it does it is going down to -19 tonight.  Sigh…