A few highlights and some drawings from our trip!

A rare sighting just as the sun is coming up on day one of our trip.

The last year of the ice road across the Mackenzie River! Trucks travel at a boring speed of 20 km when on the ice road. But a lot of people know where Yellowknife is because of the reality shows produced up here!

Our trip reminded us when we first moved north and the wonderful service that airlines provided!  Real glasses, real cutlery, and real food with a lot of gluten!

The perfect 50th Anniversary gift.  My siblings drove crazy hours to come to Texas for the little party we had for our folks.

Hugs all around!!!!

Happy 50th Mom and Dad!

 It is nice when ones parents obviously like each other after 50 years!

fresh grapefruit and oranges!  Oh my what amazing flavours.  No wonder I never buy oranges where I live. They have no flavour and after tasting these ones I am ruined for life!

A beautiful table setting for a scrumptious Valentines Dinner with my sweetheart!

See you on Monday!  I will be back to regular scheduled postings.