This evening when I got home I saw the lovely post that my dear wonderful  friend Helena put on her blog about the art exchange that she and I did after I invited her to come to Yellowknife to teach a watercolour class.  She is an amazing artist!  I ADORE her work…always have and always will.  I am even lucky enough to own some of her amazing necklaces!   Check out the post at http://dancingdovestudio.blogspot.com/2012/01/exchanging-art-and-barter.html  Thank you Helena for your kind words!

I got myself some little Moleskine drawing books. They are the perfect size to play with.  I am having fun practicing drawing from life.  I have been pretty consistent the last few nights.  I hope this last a bit longer than this week!

See you on Monday with hopefully a bit more of the flower image.  It is Painting Saturday coming up this weekend…yahoo time with my friends!