Well I have no images today…but tomorrow I shall put up photos from my afternoon of drawing at work.  Yes I got to do some fun drawing at work.  It is silly but completely fun!

We are moving into the darkest time of the year.  Less than a month until Winter Solstice!  The snow falls, the temperature drops and I dream of flowers…literally!  I was in a beautiful place with amazing flowers.  I told the flowers that I thought they were beautiful and I would be back to photograph them…then I woke up.  So I guess there won’t be photos!   😉

I love these roses that my Mom gave to me years and years ago. They are hardy, old fashion roses that though they are not “beautiful” they have the most intense rose scent that stops me in my tracks when I go outside.  Me and the bees are in direct competition for putting our noses in the roses!

See you on Monday!