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Today we remember all those who died in conflicts and wars that our country has asked our young men  and women to participate in.  When a young person died in the 2nd world war, unlike today, their remains were buried in the area where they died.  The families were given a certain amount of letters to put on their young sons headstone.  So from a distance of space and time I thought I would put a few of what the families wrote:

“Here rest the only son of William and Cora Samson, Albertville, Saskatchewan.”  Rifleman Alfred Samson, RWR, 4.7.44 (age 32)

“Only those who have lost loved ones know the bitterness of ‘gone’. From his loving Mother.” Sapper Herbert William Procter, CE, 28.10.17

“The only child of aged parents” Private Vernon Keith Merchant, 58th BCI, 31.1.16 (age 16) Railway Dugouts

“Towards a better world” Sargeant James Roy Addison Ruthven, RCAF, 29.12.43 (age 21) [Berlin]

“Lonely is our home without you, Help us, Lord, bear our cross, Mom and Dad” Private Stanley Phillip Petersen, RCASC, 4.11.45

excerpts from “WORDS OF VALEDICTION AND REMEMBRANCE Canadian epitaphs of the second World War by Eric McGeer


To all those who lost their sons and daughters in Afghanistan, WE REMEMBER!

for the full list of Canadians who have died in Afghanistan go here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/afghanistan/casualties/list.html


See you on Monday!